The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

The Rubicon Trail

Jeep Jamboree USA

August 2006 / August 2007

One of the great pleasures of running the Rubicon is spending the night on the trail. There are strict rules about where you can park your rig, so pay attention! While Spider Lake is a bit of a hike from the trail, the trail runs right past Buck Island Lake. There are only a couple of spots where you can park off the trail and camp here, but this is close to Rubicon Springs Campground.

Rubicon Springs Campground is an unimproved campground. There are no facilities except portapotties and a good percentage of the ones I saw were flawed. The Jeep Jamboree USA event sets up camp here for the night and all of the next day. They serve up breakfasts and dinners during the stay. During the day we spent in the campgrounds, they provided some trail education events, some evening entertainment by the huge bonfire, and a big raffle.

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