The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

The Rubicon Trail

Jeep Jamboree USA

August 2006 / August 2007

Georgetown is the unoffical launching point for may Rubicon Trail events. The Jeep Jamboree USA event meets at the Buffalo Hill Center parking lot in Georgetown. This is where Jeeps all line up in groups according to tire size. The Jeeps with larger tires go first assuming that they would make the best time over the trail and are not likely hold up the rest of the group.

Pulling out of Georgetown, the group ran up Wentworth Springs Road until it ended at Ice House Road. We turned left and followed Ice House Road to Loon Lake. At the lake, we drove along the top of what appeared to be a dam holding back the lake from washing away the staging area. We turned left and went down into the staging area where we could air-down and disconnect, and generally get ready for the fun to begin.

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