The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

The Rubicon Trail

Jeep Jamboree USA

August 2006 / August 2007

The Rubicon Trail is probably the most famous 4x4 trail on the planet. It is rated most difficult and is not a trail one should take lightly. It is the kind of trail you want to run as a part of a group. For my first time through, I knew I should go with a big group that wouldn't leave me stuck and stranded, and would provide good company along the way. So I signed up for the Jeep Jamboree run scheduled for August, 2006. I had such a good time that I did it again the next year.

The trail is just about 18 miles long and winds through the granite based Eldorado and Tahoe National Forests around Lake Tahoe. It begins on wide expanses of granite with side hills and ledges. The trail then marches into the forests where the trail gets dirtier, tougher, and even more fun. There are lots of rocks that will push your Jeep around. There are a number of tight spots through rocks and trees and plenty of off camber situations. Not only is it a challenging trail, the scenery is specatular. If you have the opportunity to run this trail, as a driver or as a passenger, take it. You won't regret it.

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