The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Rowher Trail

Rowher Flats OHV Area

July, 2010

At the summit you will cross paths with Look Out Trail which takes you back down to Rowher Flats. There also some large shade trees that you can park under to get some relief from the sun, if not from the insects. There is a forest service road that runs along with Rowher, crossing over it in a number of places on the way down the other side of the hill.

Looking north from the top of the trail you can see Bouquet Reservoir. The trail continues down the other side of the hill to the Bouquet Canyon Road which skirts along the reservoir. The terrain is much the same as on the way up. Expect rocks, dirt, loose soil, ruts, and a bunch of intersections with that forest servoce road as it keeps crossing your path on its own way down the hill.

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