The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Miller Jeep Trail

Lockwood Creek / Miller Jeep Trail

August, 2003

Many of the trails north of Los Angeles are made up of rocks and chaparral, but this trail takes you up amongst the trees. The trail runs through the Padres National Forest from Lockwood Valley Road to Alamo Mountain. You can run the trail in either direction. The trail is not wide enough for two vehicles everywhere so somebody is going to have to back down at some point. From my experience, most drivers run the trail in the same direction. I've met very few rigs that started on top of Alamo Mountain. Probably because Alamo Mtn. is in Hungry Valley SRVA, and it's a long drive through the park and up the hill on pavement to get to the top of the trail.

The trail covers a lot of ground. You will go up and down the local mountains a few times before you make the final ascent. There is a stream crossing (Lockwood Creek) but I've never seen more than a couple inches of water and it has a smooth gravel bed for crossing. There is a picnic spot about half way through the trail with shade trees and picnic tables. You should check with the ranger station before planning on a campfire or barbecue. The final ascent up Alamo Mtn. is the most difficlut section of the trail. It gets steep, loose and rocky with some potential for hitting the low points and rocker panels pretty hard on stock rigs, but I have seen stock Jeeps make it to the top.

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