The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

NV-231 Transfer Case

Jeep Wranglers from 1997 through 2006 came with an standard NP-231 transfer case with the exception of the Rubicon models which were equiped with the NV-241 transfer case.

The identification tag is on the rear of the transfer case above the fill plug. The low range gear ratio will be on the identification tag, along with a model number and a serial number.

Gear Ratios
Model\Gear High 4-Low
V-231 Command-Trac 1.00:1 2.72:1
NV-241 Rock-Trac (Rubicon Models) 1.00:1 4.00:1
Recommended Lubricant
Model Type / Grade U.S Metric
NV-231 Command-Trac Dexron II or ATF+3 2.5 pts. 1.2 L
NV-241 Rock-Trac (Rubicon Models) Dexron II or ATF+3 4.2 pts. 2.0 L
Torque Specs
Item Ft. Lbs. N·m
Detent Plug 12-18 16-24
Drain/Fill Plug 15-25 20-34
Speed Sensor Bolt 8-12 11-16
Mounting Nuts 22-30 29-40
Range Lever Nut 20-25 27-34
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