The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Off Road Driving Tips

Driving on Rocks


You know them. You love them. You can't live without them. Keep your tires on them and your sensitive belly away from them. Take a look at the front axle on your vehicle. Picture the size of that low spot under the differential, and where exactly that low spot is. When you encounter rocks on the trail, drive slowly, keep your center up and your vehicle level.

Air Down

Letting some air out of your tires allows them to flex easier. The increased tire flex enables the tires to "wrap" around rocks increasing their "Footprint" and overall traction. While I normally run about 30psi on the highway, I run anywhere from 10psi to 18psi on the trail. Make sure you have an air source to reinflate your tires at the end of the trail. You don't want to get on the highway with under inflated tires.

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