The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Off Road Driving Tips

The Basics of Off Road Driving

Thumbs Up

Let's start with proper thumb position on the steering wheel. Get your thumbs out of the center of the wheel. Although more important for those without power steering, it's a good habit to start. If your wheels hit a large obstacle and cause the steering wheel to move violently it just might injure your thumb; maybe even break it.

Keep Your Head Centered

Avoid the tendency to lean out your driver window or door to watch the left front wheel. If you do, your front right tire will probably end up where you don't want it. Look down the trail and keep your eyes moving from near to far, scanning all of the obstacles and planning your route through and over them.

Drive Slowly

Wheeling is not a race to the finish. Get into 4 lo and crawl if possible. Mud and sand require momentum, but for dry wheeling in dirt and rocks, slow and steady is key. With a manual transmission you might need to ride the clutch to keep your vehicle from racing over obstacles. That's OK, but you may want to allow your clutch to cool occasionally along the trail. Take time to view the scenery and enjoy the outdoors.

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