The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Tuffy Center Console

Full Console with Radio Comparment from Tuffy

April, 2005

Tuffy has a great reputation for security products. I chose the console that has the stereo compartment, but I will be putting a CB radio in it instead. This is a full metal console with a very secure lock that keeps the stereo and console safe from thieves.

The console comes in pieces. There are three major pieces. The storage compartment, the shifter surround, and the cupholders. There is also a small box like shelf that rests inside the storage compartment and a tray much like the stock console has forward of the shifter.

The textured powdercoat finish arrived in good shape and is holding up fairly well. The cover has a nice thick pad and durable cover. The lock mechanism performs well and has a well deserved reputation. The stereo compartment cover is not high tech - its kind of a sloppy but effective. You have to open the console, not just unlock it, to open the stereo compartment. Both of the covers have a strip of foam insulation around the edges where it rests when closed. Even so, the stereo cover rattles when closed and I have put a little lateral pressure on it to get it to stop.

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