The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Oil Pan Skid Plate

Bolt To Engine Skid From Nth Degree Mobility

August, 2004

It came in a gray powder coat that is still holding up well after 7 years. It hasn't cracked or caved in. In fact, it is tucked up so well that it hasn't taken all that much abuse. However, it didn't exactly bolt on with the greatest of ease. I've looked at some of the online forums and have read about other installations with regards to the fit and hole alignments. The results range from perfect to needing several washers. I'm not convinced that Jeeps are that different, but more likely, this skid suffered a lack of consistency in early production runs.

I bought and installed this skid plate before Nth Degree Mobility was acquired by AEV, and then by kNOw Where 2Jeep. The product was discontinued by AEV as they seemed to be only interested in the latest JK Jeep models, but kNOw Where 2Jeep has brought the product back.

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