The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Oil Pan Skid Plate

Bolt To Engine Skid From Nth Degree Mobility

August, 2004

The skid plate selection has grown significantly since I installed this skid in 2004. I chose this skid plate from nth Degree Mobility because of its simplicity, and because it bolts to the engine and not the frame with such a close, wrap-around design it is not likely to interfere with lift kits or other mods. The downside of bolting to the engine is energy transference. The bashing that the skid takes are transferred up to the motor mounts.

The skid is constructed from 3/16" steel and has a shape that wraps around the pan and bolts to the block and bell housing. Unlike many other skids it is one piece and bolts up to the engine and bell housing. It offers good protection and accesss to the drain plug in such a way that still allows you to drain the oil without much trouble.

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