The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Lower Control Arm Skid Plates

Bolt-On LCA Skids from Skid Row

January, 2006

The skids are thick enough and strong enough for the abuse I've dished out so far, including a couple of trips over the Rubicon. The powder coating is thick and consistent. Aside from the scrapes, it is holding up well. The LCA mounting u-bolts are not a perfect fit around the axle housing, but they are about as good as can be expected.

After I cut the ends off the u-bolts, I've had to remove the u-bolts more than once and I have been able to get them back on each time. Maybe that was just good fortune on my part. The bolts make for a less than perfectly smooth surface to glide over rocks, but I haven't ripped the heads off of them yet.

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