The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

HalGuard Fire Extinguisher

& Quick Release Mount

July, 2015

I ordered the matching mounting bracket from 4 Wheel Parts, which was no easy trick. The part numbers were a bit hard to track down, and it wasn't cheap. But, it turned out to be a nice looking piece of machined aluminum hardware.

The two-piece mounting system uses a quick release pin to make the extinguisher easy to grab in a hurry - just pull the pin and go. The problem with the system is it tends to rattle a bit. There are set screws in the part of the bracket that is clamped around the exinguisher, which in theory allow you to apply just enough tension on the pin to eliminate rattles, but still allow thepin to be remoeved easily.

In order to adjust the rattle, you have to pull the pin and flip the extinguisher over, adjust one or both set screws, and then place the extinguisher and locking pin back in place to test. Repeat this a few times and you might get it to stop rattling, but probably not for long.

I placed to very thin rubber pads in the mounting socket where the set screws hit. This made it much easier to eliminate the rattle and keep the pin easy to remove.

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