The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Banks TorqueTube Headers

Exhaust Headers from Banks Power

February, 1999

I am finally ready to remove the intake and exhaust manifolds. I have an air compressor air so I am going to cover any openings and blow the junk off the intake so nothing falls into the engine.

There are 3 bolts that I will loosen, but not remove right away - the ones on each end that have an odd head, and the one in the top center of the manifold. These 3 bolts will support the exhaust manifold while I remove the intake. The intake manifold rests on a couple of pins. After all but those 3 bolts are removed I can pull the intake manifold away from the engine block, up and out.

With the intake manifold removed, I can remove the remaining 3 bolts from the exhaust manifold and lift it up and out. Then the fun reallly begins. I get to scrub the gasket area clean before I begin installing the new manifold.

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