The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Banks TorqueTube Headers

Exhaust Headers from Banks Power

February, 1999

The power steering pump is bolted to the intake manifold and must be disconnected. The serpentine belt tension has to be released in order to access the power steering pump mounting bolts. There is a tension pully below the power steering pump. The adjustment for it is on top of the power steering mounting bracket, just in front of the closest exhaust manifold mounting bolt.

The bolt in the center of the adjustment pulley has to be loosened in order to adjust the belt tension. Any time I remove the serpentine belt, I inspect it for wear. They are a lot easier to replace at home than on the trail. With the belt removed, I can turn the pulley on the power steering pump to line up the access holes with the mounting bolts and unbolt the pump.

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