The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Banks TorqueTube Headers

Exhaust Headers from Banks Power

February, 1999

I needed a special tool to remove the fuel line connection. I spent about $10 for one at the local auto parts store. The black clip flips off and the tool slips into the end closest to the valve cover. The tool spreads open the retaining mechanism inside the connector. A couple of drops of fuel spilled out, but not much.

Then it was time to get under the Jeep to disconnect the exhaust manifold from the headpipe. The new manifold comes with a new steel gasket and hardware, but I had to work carefully so as not to damage the retaining ring on the headpipe or that sensor that is so close to the joint. Heat causes rust, and that can make bolts hard to remove. I soaked the bolts with Liquid Wrench before I started the project. By now, they should be ready to be loosened.

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