The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Axle Tube Seals

Replace those Factory Dust Guards

February, 2007

Alloy's Axle tube seals are well designed and manufactured and they fit snugly in place. This is my second set and this generation improves on the previous design. I managed to tear the outer rubber portion of the previous design, however that did not cause a the seal to fail. From all indications the inner seals were still doing their job. The new seals have a large snap ring on the outside which may just be for ease of manuafacturing or rebuild, but it also reduces the amount of exposed rubber that I tore on the previous set.

If you wheel regularly in deep mud or sand, I recommend you order a set today. These are far superior to the OEM seals and may just save you from a more expensive repair bill later on.

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