The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Axle Tube Seals

Replace those Factory Dust Guards

February, 2007

The instructions from Alloy tell you to use RTV on the outside of the seal, where it meets the axle tube. I thought about using RTV but I couldn't quite talk myself into it. The seal fits tightly into the axle tube and, in my humble opinion, isn't likely to spin. It fits so tight I could not press it in by hand. I had to use a piece of wood to hammer it into place. I spread a thin layer of grease all over the axle to keep it from rusting. And, I placed a little extra where it will spin inside the new seals. The seal itself gets filled with grease, also. After reinstalling the axle, I used a grease gun to fill the new seal.

After repeating the process for the other side, I checked and filled the brake fluid reservoir. I really didn't lose any brake fluid and my brakes feel fine. I didn't feel a need to bleed the brakes after this quick job.

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