The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Axle Tube Seals

Replace those Factory Dust Guards

February, 2007

Axle tube seals are designed to keep dirt and debris out of you front axle tubes. They are not designed to keep the oil in, there is another seal inside the tube for that purpose. The factory axle tube seals are small plastic disks. The seals from Alloy USA are a serious upgrade from the OEM seals.

During a recent inspection I noticed on my passenger side, the outer rubber seal on my old axle tube seal had a tear in it. I ordered a new set of Alloy USA seals. When they arrived I noticed that the seals have changed since over the years. The outer seal is much stouter and held in place with a large snap ring. They also changed the tube seal from a couple of o-rings to a ribbed rubber sleeve that they suggest you bond in place with RTV.

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