The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Taurus Electric Fan

Ditching the Mechanical Fan

February, 2005

A trip to a local junkyard yielded up this electric fan, presumably from a Ford Taurus. The fan comes mounted in it's own shroud and there is not nearly enough room between the radiator and the water pump pulley to squeeze this into place. Somthing has to give.

Some people trim the shroud to make it fit. I lowered the fan motor. The fan motor is mounted on 3 raised areas with threaded inserts. I pulled the 3 mounting bolts and turned the motor a few degrees to get the mounting tabs out of the way. Then I ground down the plastic to meet the top of the threaded inserts.

Remove the 4 nuts that hold the mechanical fan to the waterpump. Take the fan off and put the nuts back on. The unused portion of the studs can then be cut off and discarded.

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