The digital garage of my 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Fog Lights & High Beams

Simultaneous Fog Lights & High Beams

August, 2004

If your 1997 - 2000 Jeep came with the factory fog lights, you've probably noticed you can't run them and your high beams at the same time. This behavior is controlled by a relay which is fairly easy to modify. This is also one of those mods that can be just as easily undone to restore the original behavior.

There are a pair of relays behind the glove box, just the right of the fuse box, on a single connector. You can try to pull the relay on the right straight up - most likely the whole connector will come off its holder. If the connector came off, instead of just the relay like mine did, you can pull the mounting clips off the bracket they are on by squeezing on the back of them and pulling them through. Then slide the mounting clips back onto the connector. After modifying the relay, you can push the connector back into place.

Having removed the relay nearest the passenger door (assuming you have doors!), bend pin 2 over as far as you can so the relay can be reinstalled. If you are really brave, you can simply cut that leg off completely. Reinstall the relay and test your headlights and foglights.

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